Materials processing

NCCEF offers a broad range of processing equipment for the fabrication of composites via both lamination of prepreg materials and resin infusion of dry fibre preforms.

Pre-fabrication ply kits can be designed using computer-assisted design (CAD) based software and prepared using a fully automatic ply cutter. Autoclave, quickstep, hot press, vacuum press, oven and resin transfer moulding facilities are also available within NCCEF.


  • Dedicated lay-up room
  • Cold room (Viessmann FS 1800 SE-213)
  • Automatic ply cutter (Lectra Vector TechTex FX)
  • Autoclave (LBBC Technologies TC1000 HTHP)
  • Hot press (Dr Collin GmbH P300P/M)
  • Vacuum press (Elkom GmbH Vakutherm)
  • Oven facilities
  • Resin transfer moulding (RTM) facilities
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Material storage equipment details

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